Heavenly Crash

  • 4th JOB SKILL


  • 5th JOB SKILL

    Final Contract


    Supreme Supernova

Angelic Buster

Maple World's Pop Idol!

Thanks to her contract with Eskalade, Angelic Buster
can deal massive damage without consuming MP.
Use her Dress-Up mode to transform for battle.


Check out the Water Splash, Jumping Fluffy Kitty, and Concert Hall at Maple M's Magic Land!

  • Clash! Slime Shot

    Take aim at Slimes in this 1vs1 mini-game!
    Hit 4 types of colored Slimes and get a higher score than your opponent
    to earn Coins as your victory reward.

  • Jumping Fluffy Kitty

    Jump! Jump! Jump for coins in the Jumping Fluffy Kitty mini-game!
    Keep on jumping to grab as many bubbles as you can!

  • Water Splash

    Win a bunch of coins from the Water Splash mini-game!
    Avoid flying objects within the time limit,
    and sail your boat as swiftly as possible!

  • Angelic Buster's Concert Hall

    Gain massive amounts of EXP from the 3rd Anniversary events!
    Watch Angelic Buster's amazing performance at the Magic Land Concert Hall for great EXP!

  • 5th Job Advancement V Matrix

    Select, enhance, and combine your skills!

    Enhance your current skills, or combine to
    make new ones!
    Manage your V Matrix!